A COVID-19 mental support for black community project

Our Testimonials

Mrs. O.A.

"My husband used to be alcoholic years ago. Due to COVID-19 pandemic he lost his job. I watched him slipped back into his old addiction.He started getting physically violent and abusive.A friend referred me to NOT-ALONE. That referral saved my marriage or perhaps saved my life"

Mrs. A.A.

"As a single mother of one without a recourse to public fund I lost my someone who is like a big aunty to me to COVID-19. She was my rock.Not-Alone supported me through that ordeal and directed me to where I can get legal aid"

Mrs. J.B.

"After slipping into a heavy depression,having lost my job as zero hour self employed due to cover pandemic and the lockdown. My wife brought home a flyer carrying the information about Not-Alone and the counselling they provide. I reluctantly call the number on the flyer. That phone call was a life saver. The counselling session gave me hope and assisted me in overcoming my challenges. I later got to know through the counselling session that there is a specific government support scheme that i can take advantage of. I'm grateful i made that call,I'm also grateful to Not-Alone and community fund"